About me: Alex Bartol

I was born long enough ago that I dislike the younger generation and their crappy music. In my early years I spent my time mostly learning less than useful hobbies (and listening to crappy music). Around the age of 12, I became fascinated with computers. Not in the way some people do, I was fixated on how my actions (typing and clicking) translated into the computer. I was determined to find out at all costs. Throughout high school, I took as many classes as I could that would further my quest for computing knowledge.

My college decision was an easy one since Purdue University was such a good school, had family ties, and was conveniently located in what I refer to as the butter zone (being close enough to home that I can come back and far enough away that I don't get unannounced visits). I quickly found my niche at Purdue after realizing I cared more about performance than others in my class. It was never good enough that it functioned. I had to have it be as fast as I could possibly make it.

When I was a sophomore, I was offered a position at EMC (a world renowned leader in file storage solutions) in their California offices and a marriage was born. Not what one might call a traditional marriage but definitely one that was amicable for both parties. EMC enjoyed my presence so much, they offered me another position the following year in order to continue my work. Living in California was fun for the 6 total months I opted for the state, but when it came down to it, I was not satisfied with it and sought other options for my post-graduation career. The positions I was seeking were scattered across the US and I was offered positions (at EMC) in RTP, North Carolina and Hopkinton, Mass. Since Hopkinton is the global headquarters for EMC, I felt this was best for my career and my quest for computational knowledge.

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